A lasting partnership  -  Feature sponsorship

The organisers accept for there to be a strong vibrant partnership, it is important that the sponsoring partner have exceptional opportunities to benefit economically from being involved and to this end, Grooves propose the following outcomes for the feature sponsor.

Pre Event

  • Media announcement of new title sponsorship
  • Company name and logo on all printed and marketing materials
  • Company logo on the home page of the Grooves website
  • Social media pages with links to company’s own site
  • The company will be highlighted in specific PR in the run up to the event
  • Publicity at many local events prior to the event
  • 25 complimentary tickets to the festival

At the Event

  • Prominent banner and flag space around the entire event area
  • Regular mention of company by commentary team.
  • Collection of bespoke event photographs.
  • Opportunity to promote directly to guests dedicated retail and/or exhibition display stand space.
  • Access to our other partners.
  • Access to the event’s database.
  • Opportunities for exclusive hospitality area.


  • Presence on site at a mutually agreed level.
  • Although Grooves will own the visitors data they will share it equally with a feature sponsor.
  • Presence on marketing materials as feature sponsor and full media recognition.
  • Agreed branding on the logo and related products.
  • Secondary marketing opportunities.
  • Full discussion of any  requests further to the above.
  • Opportunity for  a ‘tie in ’  partnership over an agreed period of years

Partner support

Grooves are focused on how their event might work in specific areas and opportunities exist  for partners who may be able to offer something in return for support of the Festival.

This may include:-

  • Marquee and associated infrastructure
  • Drinks/beverages
  • Event merchandise
  • Information points
  • Cultural events
  • Heath and safety
  • Accountancy and other business services
  • Bars and catering

... The list is endless! Individual sponsorship of events and features start from £500.  Grooves are keen to speak to potential partners and discuss any specific requirement .

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